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Free Shapefile Editor
Desktop Application 
(Professional Quality GIS Mapping for all experience levels (including none!))
Create, Import , Export , and Edit Shapefiles.

> Create and edit composite maps.The term “Map” is taken here to mean a collection of shapes, polygons, polylines,
open rings, filled circles, PhotoMaps,and photographs contained in a single “*.dgp” file which may be displayed together or
>Print maps in a customized professional looking format.
>Supported Projections include State Plane, UTM, Albers Equal Area, Lambert Conformal Conic, 
   and  Lat/Long (unprojected).
>Datums include NAD83 and NAD27 and  WGS84.
>Projection files (".prj") are used automatically to get the correct projection settings
when importing and Exporting shapefiles.
>Create Map using Deed Survey calls*. Establish approximate Lat/Lon of all Corners if two found by GPS.   Accuracy limited to the particular GPS used .*These maps have no legal standing, Not comparable to those by a professional Surveyor !
>Include Photographs linked to Map Objects. Makes your map more interesting and informative.Not supported for shapefile export.
>Object Linking makes precise mapping of Cemeteries and similar structured landscapes simple.(You choose a Base Object then pick other Objects to be located relative to the Base. When they have been picked, the existing offsets are measured and installed automatically. Actual example from a Map: Plot #12 is offset  S6'11.8",W50'2.8" From Plot 26. Afterward Plot #12 can be automatically moved south another 16 feet by editing S6' to be S22'. It's that simple.)
>OrthoImages are automatically Georegistered and placed at the bottom layer of your map. For the
purpose of tracing objects to edit and create map objects and shapefiles.
>EverlyMap now supports Images from the source of your choice for basemap, (*.bmp, *.jpg, Geotiff *.tif ,and "non-GeoTiff encoded" *.tif )
>EverlyMap  provides one-click downloads of the 1 meter per pixel USGS orthoimagery for basemap. Digital Orthophoto's from the servers in a convenient 500 meter sguare format in WGS84.
>EverlyMap also provides assisted downloading 
3.75-minute DOQQ OrthoPhotos for basemap, from in NAD83. These are automatically warped to WGS84 for use within EverlyMap,~10,500 acres in KY. Varies by Latitude
>Both Image formats are encoded with GeoTIFF data which is used to automatically georeference them. They are positioned and cropped to form perfectly seamless coverage.
>Image processing and placement of the orthophotos are completely automatic and require no assistance* from the user! (*Other than clicking a point on your map to designate what area is to be included in the OrthoPhoto download.)


Current Engine Version 7.0 (Last Pub. October 15, 2017)  Updates will continue to be Published here as improvements are made. Your Previous Map Work is preserved unchanged when you Update!

The latest version includes these recent features:

Expanded Basemap Capability!  Map anywhere in the world! EverlyMap now supports Quick and Easy Loading and use of  most GeoTilff Images as BaseMaps! OrthoRectified Tif Images are available online from many free and commercial sources around the world. [Any TIF or JPG image can be used even those not orthorectified, (from Google EarthTm for example) , which can provide useful a useful basemap of less precision] Detailed use is described in the User Guide (included with Engine download or can be downloaded using link below).                   
Edit Shapefile Attributes "on the fly"
in Display mode. Example: Suppose a large shapefile contains thousands of members of a theme named Roads containing many Attributes prefixed with "State Route".                                "State Route 69" takes more Map space for Printing than "Ky 69". One, or ALL, instance of "State Route " can be changed to "Ky " with only a couple of keystrokes.

See outlines of hidden objects. The "M" key enables outlines of objects beneath the top layer.

Compare the New EverlyMap to the best Shapefile Editor you have ever used for ease and simplicity- yet powerful enough for serious non-professional Layperson Mapping.
(You will be switched to a SECURE https: Greenbar Website for the actual download!)

EverlyMap is Freeware! 
Click the BLUE "Download EverlyMap" link below . The file is digitally signed and encrypted for your protection.

EverlyMap is Freeware!---Totally!!!.... forever.

Download EverlyMap 
EverlyMap is Windows 8 Compatible. 
Windows® and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
Your download should start automatically. Double-click the downloaded file "EverlyMap Setup.exe" to install EverlyMap.

Would you like more Information about EverlyMap before trying it? Download the "EverlyMap User Guide" below.:
EverlyMap User Guide
. Revised October 11,2017

EverlyMap Setup.exe installs the latest version of "EverlyMap" and the User Guide "EverlyMap.rtf".
It also creates a workspace in your Documents Folder named  "User\Documents\EverlyMaps\" which includes the tutorial map "Lime.rtf".

New "PageBox" feature. Used during Print Preview to create and adjust a one pixel wide border around the printed page. This border is a polyline shapefile that can be exported and used by the Venn Exclusion feature define a portion of a larger map to be extracted. Polylines and polygins are trimmed at this boundary. The polygons retain their closed shape with straght edges along the boundary. New with 9/28/2017 Update: Colored Polylines by Theme add readability to your Maps.(In this case the Themes "Streams" are blue and "Roads" are red).                                                                                    Click here to download an example jpg file: Green river.jpg

After Installation run EverlyMap and click <File> and then  "Lime.dgp" on the  list of "recent files" to open the example Map "Lime,dgp". The "Map Guide", "User Guide", and "onscreen prompts" will lead you from there. 

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